Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Show 341 "Guestmix by Dennis Kahnn (Paderborn, Germany) [AceTraxx]"

This week with a dope journey selected by my friend Dennis Kahnn from Paderborn, Germany. One of the few guys in the neighbourhood that I trust when it comes to "HOUSE". Enjoy.

1. Kyle Hall - Create your own excitence
2. Alton Miller - Alone
3. Satoshi Tomiie - Thursday 2 AM (Ron Trent Dub Mix)
4. Glenn Underground presents the S.J.U Project - Custom Tracks
5. Black Art Music - Freedom
6. Alex Agore - Distant
7. Kai Alce -  Sunday Transit
8. Mike Grant - Sharevari
9. Brain Harden - Palladium
10. Atjazz - Slide in it
11. Chaos in the CBD - Midnight in Peckham
12. Theo Parrish - Ebonics

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More about Dennis @

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Show 340 "Guestmix by ReeKee (Italy) [Roots Underground Records]"

This week we have an amazing mix by ReeKee from Castellarano, Italy. It's not the first time that you see the name ReeKee in the Deep Inspiration Show. Played already some of his productions in previous shows. It's a soul thing. Enjoy.

About ReeKee:
Passion for Jazz and Soul Music.
Reekee, a remarkable young and talented artist from Modena (Italy) not only plays the keys as an extention of his mind but his true and pure sound makes you feel warm and connected from first notes. A mixture of broken beats with soulful melodies & analog drummin' and reminds early Mr. Fingers tracks.
You often get a Nu-jazz feeling and can clearly hear the jazz influences between the funky House beats.
Because it's so difficult to describe the feeling you get listening to his music, you should hear it yourselves.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Jazzman - Strictly South Africa Volume 2

a mix with my favorite artists & labels from South Africa.


1. Jazzuelle - Dreamcatcher [Demo]
2. WENAGOTSOUL - Slave to your love (WenagotSoul broken dub) [Unreleased]
3. Vandal M - Dark Days (Original Mix)  [OhYea Musiq]
4. Shervaan Bergsteedt - My Existence (Original Mix) [Just Move Records]
5. Continuum - Subliminal Subplot (Original Mix) [Deepstitched]
6. Deep Sentiments - When We Are Us (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
7. Tonic HD - Time (Original Mix) [Just Move Records]
8. Nuno Estevez - Remember A Time (Original Mix) [Just Move Records]
9. Kaysoul - The Prosimians [Unreleased]
10. Kop Afro Soul ft Siya - Love Alive (Vandal M Dubby) [Antidote Music]
11. Nuno Estevez - Changes (Original Mix) [Just Move Records]
12. Andy Comptons Sowetan Onesteps, Shamrock - Chillin' In The Ghetto (Shamrocks Soweto Mix) [Peng]
13. Neo Soulsta - Who Knows [Kalabradà Records]
14. Jazzuelle - Dungeons & Dragons [Atjazz Records]

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Show 339 "fresh weapons"

brandnew show with a lot of new vinyls, promos and other good stuff that is worth to listen. Enjoy.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Show 338 "Guestmix by Jan 'm Ohr (Hamburg, Germany) [Soultunes]"

This week with the amazing “Jan ‘m Ohr” from Hamburg, Germany. Jan is a long time in the game and selecting vinyls since 13 years. Since 2012 he is part of the Soultunes collective that organizes parties and runs a dope podcast series of the same name. Enjoy.

01 - Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Contrasts feat. Mykle Anthony [Batti Batti]
02 - Matthew Herbert - See You On Monday [Phono]
03 - Shamlou - Big City Lights (Clubmix) [Stir-15]
04 - Understars - Forestfunk I (No Damkb Mix) [Mule]
05 - Johan Kaseta, DJ Assam & Liem - Kord Dreyer [Lehult]
06 - Iz & Diz - Don't Want [Silver Network]
07 - Tobi Danton - Ain't (Dub Version) [Rough Recordings]
09 - G Marcell - Peace Awaited [Hizou]
10 - Phrased - Come With Me [L.B. Prodcue]
11 - Verrina & Ventura - La Nave Bianca (S. Moreira Deep Mix) [All Inn]
12 - John Jastszebski - Holdin' Back [Phonogramme]
13 - Jaques Bon - The Sails [Smallville]
14 - Orgue Electronique - The Serpent [WT Records]
15 - Simoncino - Jungle Dream [Mathematics]
16 - Soul Supply- Across The Sky [Running Back]

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More about Jan 'm Ohr and Soultunes @

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Show 337 "Guestmix by Giovanni Damico (ITALY) [White Rabbit Recordings]"

This week we have a dope tape by DJ, musician, producer and labelowner Giovanni Damico from Italy.

Owner of the label White Rabbit Recordings and a very prolific production machine, Giovanni has built his name through the years, releasing lots of records on some of the best underground labels like Lumberjacks in Hell, Faces, Landed, Skylax, DeepArt Sounds, Ragrange, Seven Music, Geography, 12 Records, Artful Division, Black Key, Bordello A Parigi and so on.

His records have landed in the best stores of the globe and have been played and supported from many respected djs like Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers, who often has inserted giovanni's music in his monthly mixes called "Mr. Fingers Mix".

Sharing the stages with artists like UR, Vakula, Patrice Scott, Legowelt, Fudge Fingas, Gold Panda, Roman Flugel, Hnny, Session Victim and more, Giovanni showed his great skills as DJ hitting many events through Europe in the last years. During his performances you can feel all the passion and music culture that Giovanni developed in his career with sounds that ranging from funk, soul and disco to house music in its various shades, exclusively played on vinyl.

There will be no tracklist for this mix. Just enjoy this beautiful selection of house, disco and other stuff.

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More about Giovanni @

Thursday, October 22, 2015

21. Nov. /// Deep Inspiration Show @ GB-Lounge (Mamelodi, Pretoria) [South Africa]

I’m very thankful for the opportunity you have afforded the Deep Inspiration Show. The chance to select a nice line up of some of my favorite djs from South Africa to represent the show on your shores. This would not have been possible without the trust of GB Lounge, Katz Katz and everyone that continuous to show unwavering support to the Deep Inspiration Show.

I will be not there personal. But, I hope that the first installment will be a success. Steady support will allow us (GB+DIS) the means to invite an international guest in the future.

The lineup was not easy to choose. Music on the night will be by:
Trev the Japanese (Avant Garde) 


Gabbana (Deep Tribe)

Will Masemola (Plastic People)

Holly Herb (DUHM) 

I have the full trust that all these djs will represent the Deep Inspiration Show amicably. 

Please help me make a success of this, as it will only be possible with your help. Please share the flyer, tell your friends and save the date. Thank you all for the continued support.

Facebook Event Page: