Mittwoch, 4. März 2015

Birthday MixTape 2015

Thank you very much for all the birthday wishes !

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Montag, 2. März 2015

Show 307 "Let's Go"

A new edition with a lot of brandnew music and a few classics. Most of the tracks are records that I bought last weekend in Berlin, where we celebrated the 5 Years DIS anniversary. I hope you enjoy the selection like I do.


1. Kerri Chandler - Climax 1 [Shelter Records]
2. Ray Dilla - Industrial Life [Strong Souls Music]
3. DJ Aakmael - aakboogie [Unxpozd08]
4. Soul of Hex - Lip Reading (Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers Jazzy Dub) [CVMR]
5. Johannes Albert - Disco Nova [Frank Music]
6. Marco Nega Feat. Leen Vivid - Inside Out [Batti Batti]
7. DJ Aakmael - Untitled 105 [Unxpozd07]
8. Lohouse "Lounge Inn" - A1 or B1 [Town House Music]
9. Le Rubrique - The Art Of Loving (Ugly Drums RMX) [Tieffrequent]
10. Johannes Albert - My Everyday Sunshine [Frank Music]
11. Dj Aakmeal - Trambon [Unxpozd06]
12. Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Hold Me (Deep 88 Salsa House Remix) [Henry Street]
13. Marco Nega - NIGHT HIKER (BOOST 'N TIME EDIT) [Inner Shift Music]
14. DaRand Land - Sorry you missed my phone call [FreeBeat]
15. Moomin - Fruits [Closer004]

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Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

Show 306 "Guestmix by Michael G. (Pretoria, SA) [Vinyl with Love]"

This week with dj and producer Michael G from Pretoria, South Africa. I hope you enjoy his "Mid Tempo Classic Collection".


Michael G was born and raised in the capital city of Pretoria, South Africa. He hit the Dance Music scene in the early nineties as a music fan and a young Dj playing in nightclubs all over South Africa. He has released successful compilations such as ”Flipside House Vol 1”, ”Exclusive 45’s” and ”My House is Your House.” This secured his place as a pioneer and a favourite amongst the followers in the local South African Dance Music scene.

In 2007 Michael G, alongside cousin Jullian Gomes, began the G.Family collective. Their unique brand of Deep House led them to release various Ep’s and remixes on several top South African and International dance record labels. 2011 saw the release of their debut album ”Break the Silence – Deep House Chronicles 6”, which was nominated for the 18th South African Music Awards (SAMAS) in the category “Best Dance Album”.

Michael G has persisted to represent his brand of the strictly vinyl culture, and continues to put his heart and soul into it. ”Vinyl With Love” is a movement which he has dedicated as a platform to showcase his sound and his influences as a Dj, spanning over 2 decades in the industry.


1. LNTG “ thats the way “ [Soul Cut Records] 1993
2. O’ Jays “ dont let me down “ [EMI records] 1991
3. Chaka Khan “ I’m every woman “ [Bootleg] 1978->2000 rework
4. Booker T “ make love to me “ [Bootleg] 1999
5. Strom Life “ so bad “  [Electrik Funk Records] 1999
6. Diana Ross “ upside down “ [Bootleg] 1980 -> 2000 rework
7. Colourful Karma “ for the music “ [BoomBastic] 1998
8. D’Influence “ rock with you “ [Universal Music] 1998
9. Groove Brothers “ soul food cafe “ [ON A Mission Records] 2014
10. Martin Beume “ wip catch ep “ [Private Gold Music] 2013
11. Soul Of Hex “ lip reading ep “ [Cobra Voyage Records] 2013
12. James Welsh “ the way ep “ [Join The Dots Music] 2011
13. Andre Lodemann “ unknown desire “ [Best Works Records] 2012
14. Rude Boy “ whodunnit “ [Tribute / Ginger Music] 1998

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More about Michael G. @

Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

Show 305 "Guestmix by Deep Mayer (Botswana, Africa)"

This time with a nice deep selection by dj and producer "Deep Mayer" from Botswana.

01. Deep Mayer Feat Vanessa - Long centuries (D La Dino Remix) [Nerd Inc]
02. Nu - Carat (Sebo, Madmotormiquel Remix) [URSL]
03. Jouem - Radiance [Mojuba]
04. Pulshar -Kms (Pablo Bolivar Space Mix) [Seven Villas]
05. Sven Weisemann - Caprice [Mojuba]
06. Satoshi Tomiie - Glow (Original Mix) [Saw Recordings]
07. Rick Wade - Phantom Of The Deep (Original Mix) [Old Future Music]
08. Troy - Dub Everywhere (Addex Remix) [Deep Stitched]
09. Terry Lee Brown Jr & Greg Parker - Eclosion (Aqua Bassino Deep Chill Remix) [Lovezone Records]

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More about Deep Mayer @

Facebook: Deep Mayer Official

Traxsource: Buy his tracks here


Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

Show 304 "JUS FEEL"

after 3 guestmixes it was time for myself to record a new show with some brandnew music...JUS FEEL...enjoy :-)

1. Flavio Diners - Lo-Fi Soul Food [Palham Music ]
2. Francis Harris - Pensum (vinyl edit) [Scissor & Thread]
3. Arnheim - Heartfelt (Matthias Vogt Remix) [DISROBE 003]
4. Pink Apples - Can't Take You Down [Palham Music]
5. Harvey Sutherland - Bamboo [Voyage]
6. Vincent Floyd - Dark Matter [Rush Hour]
7. Le Rubrique - Back To Back feat. Paradice [Tieffrequent]
8. Move D - Between Us [Shanti Records]
9. Moomin - loop no.1 [Closer]
10. DJ Aakmael - a1 or b1 [Slow Down 001]
11. Golf Clap - Show You (Andres Remix) [Country Club Disco]
12. Generation Next- The Myth Of Miami [7 days Ent.]
13. Freestyle Man - On Vibes [Sahko Recordings]
14. Frank & Tony - Call Me Rain [Scissor and Thread]
15. Imyrmind - keep on slingin [pusic records]
16. Jovonn - Erson's Keys [Clone Classic Cuts]
17. Floating Points - Nuits Sonores [Eglo Records]
18. Rising Sun - Lonely Clarinet [Fauxpas Musik]


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Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

Show 303 "Guestmix by Lee Da Cocktail (Soweto, South Africa)"

This week with "Lee Da Cocktail" from Soweto, South Africa.


1. Paradise's Deep Groove - I Love [E LEGAL]
2. Ittetsu, Luke Miskelly - Sunnyside Up (Enzo Siragusa & Chris Lattner's Remix) [FUSE London]
3. Diewex, Vick Echo - Kocktail (Original Mix) [Innocent Music Limited]
4. Tommy Deep - Marcellous Stereo Club (Original Mix) [D.U.M.P]
5. Dave Pad - Shake Me (Original Mix) [Plastic City]
6. Tommy Deep - Forever (Original Mix) [D.U.M.P]
7. Diwex - Flashlight (Original Mix) [Innocent Music Limited]
8. Dave Pad - Patience (Original Mix) [Plastic City]
9. Minimal Groove - In Loving Souls [D.U.M.P]
10. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Ups & Down (Original Mix) [Sunset Handjob]

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More about Lee Da Cocktail @

Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015

Show 302 “2 Mixtapes by Concept onE (Düsseldorf, Germany)”

Trust me, this edition is something special. I don’t know how many times I listened already these mixes. It’s a must have !

First mix:
The mix is about tracks I am really into at the moment - it is as simple as that.

Second mix:
I feel blessed that René asked me to go through my Brazilian collection and I hopefully was able to come up with a selection that represents a small picture of the great musical culture of this beautiful and outstanding country.

Thankfully I had the opportunity to visit Brazil two times and hence this mix is dedicated to those lovely and most hospitable people I’ve ever met - MUITO OBRIGADO!!!

This selection contains music by Arthur Verocai, Tim Maia, Lô Borges, Wilson Simonal, Jorge Ben, Marcos Valle, Milton Nascimento etc.

Both Mixes are VINYL ONLY!

Playlist (First Mix)
01) Vermont - Katzenjammer [Kompakt]
02) Julius Steinhoff - Where Days Begin [Smallville]
03) Patrice Scott - Do You Feel Me [Sistrum]
04) Leonid - J3 [Sistrum]
05) Deep88- What Is Love [Juice]
06) Keith Worthy - Rockit Science [Aesthetic Audio]
07) Lawrence - Above The Sky [Mule Electronic]
08) Steffi - Pip [Ostgut Ton]
09) Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen - Forever Monna [Mojuba]
10) JohNick - Play The World [Henry Street]
11) Ed Herbst - Urbian Bias [Beste Modus]
12) Eric Cloutier - Balsamaceous [Mosaic]
13) Aroy Dee - Night Sky [M>O>S Deep]
14) Aroy Dee - Pure [M>O>S Deep]
15) Omar S - Here's Your Trance Now Dance [FXHE]
16) Orson Wells - Sky Traffic [Live At Rober Johnson]
17) Larry Heard - Lamentation [Alleviated]
18) Jacques Bon - The Sails [Smallville]
19) Hubert Daviz - Bukitacake [ENTBS]
20) Hulk Hodn - Ignut Oil [ENTBS]
21) Dude & Phaeb - Outro taken from "Monokultur" [Daily Concept]

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