Thursday, October 8, 2015

Show 334 "Guestmix by Jesus Gonsev (Spain) [Troubled Kids Records]"

This week I have the pleasure to present you a mix by Jesus Gonsev from Troubled Kids Records, Spain. He recorded a 2hour journey with a lot of dope records. Enjoy.

1.Deterministic Finite Automata - Slave Name( Intro) [Urban Imagery]
2.Omar S Featuring DJ B-len-D - Da - Teys [fxhe rec]
3.Theo Parrish & Marsellus Pittman - Questions Comments [TrackMode]
4.Floppy Life - Progress (Work It Girl) [NDATL Muzik]
5.Needs - We Are What We Are [Needs Music]
6.Callisto-The Groove [Guidance]
7.Aqua Bassino-Baby C'mon  [F Communications ]
8.Abicah Soul Project Feat. Harold Brandon -Happiness [DeepArts]
9.Savannah-Ida Y Vuelta [Kif Recordings]
10.The Dangerfeel Newbies - What Am I Here For? (Kai Alcé NDATL Late Night Mix) [NDATL Muzik]
11.Brian Harden-Light Essence [Perpetual Rhythms]
12.Boobjazz-Oneness  [Stir 15]
13.Kb Project-Feel it [Elevate]
14.Manoo And François A-A Day In December [Buzzin Fly]
15.Sade-SAD Edit 01 [White Label]
16.Kai Alcé Featuring Rico feat Kafele Bandele-Take A Chance (Mr. Fingers Full Ambient Acid Instrumental) [NDATL Muzik]
17.Fudge Fingas-Untytled [Firecracker Recordings]
18.Gene Hunt feat CVO-Just Move [Forever Soul Music]
19.Moodymann-The Answering Machine [Music Is...]
20.Peven Everett & Stacy Kidd- Groove Thang [Minuendo]
21.LFT-Tayto [Woodwork]
22.JV –EditChannel XXX [White Label]

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Show 333 "Guestmix by Michael Brennan Haupt aka DJ M (Durban, South Africa)"

Michael is back with his 2nd exclusive mix for the Deep Inspiration Show. I hope you enjoy this dope vinyl journey.

Playlist coming soon.

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More about Michael @

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jazzman @ Ohmi (East London, South Africa) [24.07.2015]

Yeees I killed the 5000likes on facebook with my Deep Inspiration Show page and also the 3000likes with my Jazzman page:-) As a little thank you I uploaded this mix that I recorded live during the tour in South Africa . I hope you enjoy and havin fun with it. Peace :-)

1. Nancy Wilson - Sunshine [Capitol]
2. Flavio Diners - Spend With it [Palham Music]
3. Floating Points - Love Me Like This [R2 Records]
4. Ingo Sänger & Henry L - Stray [Farside Records]
5. Erdbeerschnitzel - To An End [Mirau Musik]
6. Cuetec feat. Wenawedwa - Summerlove [Album: Days will come]
7. Chocky - Know [Secret Reals]
8. Luvless - Luvmaschine [Tsuba]
9. Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie [Eglo]
10. Holger Ziske - To Them To Me (Vincenco's Teardrop Remix)
11. Arnoldo - A Song Name Of One Word [Smallville]
12. Jacob Mikesh Filburt - Philipp Dolphia [permanent vacation]
13. Benjamin Sun - Salty Tears [Voyeurhythm]
14. Genius of Time - Houston We Have A Problem [Royal Oak]


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Show 332 "Guestmix by Viktor Birgiss (Iceland) [Lagaffe Tales]"

The next mix comes from Iceland. Viktor Birgiss, the man behind Lagaffe Tales recorded a dope session for us. Big thanks also to Konstantin Olias because it was his tip to ask Viktor.



The Mechanical Man - Lately Slow [Ghetto Rhythm Records}
ILO - Miracles [Forthcoming Lagaffe Tales]
Embezzlement Society - Mi Casa [Tenderpark]
Harvey Sutherland - Oscillate [Office Recordings]
Andras - Looking Back (Tornado Wallace Remix) [Dopeness Galore]
Monikca - München Jazz Bar [Big Bait Records]
Laurence Guy - Rizzo [Church]
Santuri - Min Kulu (Esa 12” Mix) [Highlife]
Introbeats - Breath Inside [Forthcoming Lagaffe Tales]
Jimpster - English Rose [Freerange Records]
Hokuto Sato - Jazz on the Moon [Neovinyl Recordings]
Baba Stiltz - Dei2 [Studio Barnhus]
OB Ignitt - Hold The Line [Obonit Records]]
Janis - Sloan Great Wall [Smile For A While]
Kornel Kovacs - Space Jam [Smallville]
Rick Wade - I Do Believe [Harmonie Park Records]
Introbeats - Yes, Another Chord [Forthcoming Lagaffe Tales]
David & Hjalti - Moods [Forthcoming Lagaffe Tales]

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More about him & his label @



Monday, September 14, 2015

Show 331 "story about..."

brandnew edtion with a lot of fresh records and new files. Enjoy.

1. House Music Makes The News For The First Time In Chicago (Cut from youtube)
2. ReeKee - Slow Days [12 Records]
3. Allstar Motomusic - It slipped my mind [Deep Explorer]
4. Le Rubrique & Jacob Stoy - Frankfurt Weekenders [Série Limitée]
5. Petr Serkin -  Keep On Rolling [Freedom Sessions]
6. Luka ft Sarah-Jannat - Sweet lullaby (Jazzuelle's Noctournal Dream) [We go deep]
7. Neuronphase - Life in the Party [Série Limitée]
8. Bjak - Keep it Movin (Manuel Costela Rmx) [Bucketround]
9. Folamour - In The World Of Moomin [Fauxpas]
10. The Nathaniel X Project - Thee Illusionatti [undertones]
11. DJ Thes-Man - Its Going To Be Alright (Original Mix) [Afro Rebel Music]
12. Giorgio Luceri featurting Fantasy - Blame it (Dubbyman Remix) [Bucketround]
13. HNNY – Memory Tape One [Omena Records]

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Show 330 "Guestmix by Dynamodyse (Cologne, Germany) [We Play House Recordings]"

This week we have a dope vinyl only mix by Dynamodyse from Cologne Germany. He recorded the mix at "Schräge Wiese Cologne" on the 30. August 2015 during the "Come Together Project". Enjoy...


Beaumont - Skipless / Rivulet
Aqua bassino - C´mon / Fcom
Sundata - Come together / Prescription
Mike Huckaby - The deep house world / Third Ear
Love is in the air / Herbert Remix / white
Deer - Spooky action at a distance - dwig remix / Marionette
Glissando Bros - Do it / Stir 15
Losoul - Overland / Playhouse
Shazz - El Camino / Yellow
JT Donaldson - Mood Music Promo
P. Lauer - One two three / Separe
Jody Watley - Saturday Night Experience - Ron Trent Mix / Giant Steps
Chaser - Blue Planet / Soma
Rick Wade / Laid

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More about Dynamodyse @

We Play House Recordings:

Photocredit: Maya Claussen
Artwork by Tina Athens

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Show 329 "Guestmix by Hammathedude (Pretoria, SA)"

This week with some dope beats mixed by Hammathedude from Pretoria, South Africa. Vol.1 and Vol.2 was already a bomb. I'm happy that he did Vol.3 for the Deep Inspiration Show. Enjoy.


1. Grooveman Spot - Change Situation
2. El Da Sensei - Smoke To Me (Instrumental)
3. Special Ed Lyrics - Buckwild Remix (Instrumental)
4. Juice - Sincerely (Beats)
5. Phat Wax - Test
6. Funk Flash - NR 009
7. Quasimoto - Discipline 99
8. Lone Catalysts - 2's company & 3's crowd
9. The Nextmen - Break The Mould (Instrumental)
10. Soulive - Bridge to Bama Hi-Tek Remix (Instrumental)
11. Damu The Fudgemunk - Gettin & Steppin
12. Jamal - Fades Em All: Pete Rock Remix (Instrumental)
13. The Pharcyde - Runnin' (Jay Dee Instrumental)
14. Black Moon ft Smif-n-wessun - Instrumental
15. Kev Brown - Another Private Conversation
16. Quasimoto - Dinosaur Brain Beat
17. DJ Krush - Meiso (DJ Shadow Instrumental Mix)
19. Grooveman Spot - Ponsonby Beat Down
20. Blu Bizness - Funky for you
21. Grooveman Spot - Think About
22. Red Astaire - Come down

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More about him @