Sonntag, 29. März 2015


It's about time for a fresh episode. This time mixed by myself with a lot of brandnew stuff. I hope you enjoy my new records. Feel free to comment and share this mix. Thanks a lot for your support.

1. Rising Sun - Untitled EP [Kristofferson 004]
2. Ooft! - Pearl Driving (Sade-Pearls Remake) [FOTO Recordings]
3. Dubbyman - the unexpected (spacey dub) [Soul People Music Boards]
4. Borrowed Identity - Dance with us [Tenderpark]
5. Ed Herbst - City [Beste Modus]
6. Aakmael - You [Unxpozd 06]
7. Jazzuelle - Moon Flower [Deep Stitched]
8. Norm talley - Change (Mike Huckaby 2010 remix) [Third Ear]
9.The new tower generation - Hidden banana bug (krl remix) [pusic records]
10. Rising Sun - Untitled (Version 01) [Kristofferson 004.25]
11. Johannes Albert - Do It! [Frank Music]
12. Torben - Neptunparty (outro) [Torben03]

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Montag, 23. März 2015

Show 310 "Guestmix by Phat Jack (Johannesburg) [The Warm Up]"

This week with a mix by Jack Gorton aka Phat Jack from Johannesburg.


1. Timothy leary - The Trip- The Beginning of the Voyage (Heart Chakra)
2. Andy Hart – MYLNY ] [Freerange]
3. Dance Spirit - Outside Looking In [Supernature]
4. Maris - Gadget (Original Mix)[Jesus was black]
5. NEBRASKA - Aw-rite (Mute Version) [Freerange]
6. Kito Jempere - Do You Know Me (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) [Dirt Crew]
7. Jimpster - Head_Spin [Freerange]
8. Emanuel Satie - All Things Go (Audiojack Remix) [Gruuv]
9. Reboot – Lubricalifornia [DFTD]
10. Pretty Pink - What Is Love feat. Tears & Marble (Original Mix) [Suara]
11. Detroit Swindle - Finyl [Freerange]

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More about Phat Jack and his monthly "The Warm Up" party @

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Montag, 16. März 2015

Show 309 "Guestmix by Konstantin Olias (Berlin, Germany)"

Konstantin Olias is back with a fresh mix for the Deep Inspiration Show. I hope you like this "deep disco slomo" session as I do :-)

01. Ben La Desh - Midnight Garden [Dirt Crew Recordings]
02. Rompante - Treat [Is It Balearic Recordings]
03. Tripmann & Sandro Bianchi - The Lament [Los Grandes]
04. YSE Saint Laur'ant - I Own the Boogie [Whiskey Disco]
05. Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Rhythm & Soul Edit) [Free Download]
06. P-Sol - Celebrate [FKR Records]
07. Ooft - Here For You [FOTO Recordings]
08. Voodoo Whiskey - Striptease [Free Download]
09. William Devaughn - Be Thankful... (FKJ Edit) [Free Download]
10. Olivier Boogie - Lost in the Crowd [Whiskey Disco]

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More about Konstantin @

Dienstag, 10. März 2015

Show 308 "Guestmix by DaRand Land (USA) [Downbeat, Pulp, Freebeat, deep4life]"

This week with dj & producer DaRand Land from Buffalo, USA. Very happy to have him in the show...enjoy this dope deep vinyl only selection ! 


1987 was the year I was introduced to the 'clubhouse' sound. I became addicted to this moody, pumping music that my uncle and his friends would bring back from their trips to Chicago and D.C. At this time, I was still in high school, so it was strictly bedroom listening, and weekly viewing of a dance show on public access television. This was long before the days of internet music downloads, and IRC. It was all about tracking down a rare mixtape, or getting one of the handful of vinyl releases. I clamored for anything closely resembling Fingers Inc., Marshall Jefferson, etc.

I attended college outside of Detroit for a few years. There was nothing like the dose of detroit techno and acid house I was receiving. I always gravitated toward the darker, more laid-back tracks from the likes of UR and others. Some of my most memorable experiences are being at random warehouses down in the city until sunrise. I eventually made it back to Buffalo.

In Buffalo, there was a small, but tight-knit group of folks that promoted the sound. It extended to the kids at the various universities, many from the five boroughs, that were looking to hear house. Strictly and Nervous set the sound at most of the functions. If I wasn't at a private party, I would end up at places like 'The Icon', and 'The Difference' (which happened to be named after a Strictly Rhythm track!).

While I was completing my degree, I told myself that there would be writing and production of house in my future. It took until 1998, after a career pit stop in Boston, and a move to California, to actually start writing songs. I was fortunate to draw on some key influences to develop my sound. Musically, my main influences were Wayne Gardiner, Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson, and Jesse Saunders. Other powerful influences were my exposure to city life in Buffalo. The classic architecture, the strong arts scene, and the struggles of the inner-city live through my music.

In 1999, I met Chris Gray (from Deep4Life) online. Here was a person who had a different path to the house sound, but I related to him like no other. The rest is history...


1. Simoncino - Use Me Lose Me [Mathematics Recordings]
2. Urban Inc.- Beatdown [Skylax]
3. Yoshito - Love Motion [Strictly Rhythm]
4. Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me (Club Mix) [Sub-Urban]
5. Nutty Featuring Daddy - Mdali (Brooks Mix) [Miso]
6. Various - Track 2 [Quarter Notes]
7. Ofuren – Ancestry [Deep Explorer]
8. Deterministic Finite Automata - Organism of Chance [Urban Imagery]
9. Jose Rico - Small Island [Downbeat]
10. Jose Lau -I Can Yet Love [Inner Shift Music]
11. Leif - Once There Was Nothing [Sudden Drop]
12. Anton Zap - PM Please [Underground Quality]
13. Simon Hinter - Pacific (Philogresz Shift) [Phil]

More about DaRand Land @

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Mittwoch, 4. März 2015

Birthday MixTape 2015

Thank you very much for all the birthday wishes !

1. Glenn Astro - The Power (Medlar Remix) [Wotnot Music]
2. Frank  Tony - After Days (Original Mix) [Scissor & Thread]
3. MM - MM Theme (Original Mix) [BBE]
4. Kenny Dixon Jr - Emotional Content (TPs Emotionally Deep Remix) [Intangible]
5. Kenny Dixon Jr - My First Mistake (Moodymann Mix) [Rush Hour]
6. Deymare - 1990 [Local Talk]
7. Nils Penner - Master Petz (Original Mix) [Compost]
8. Steve Hurley - Jack Your Body (Original Club Mix) [DJ International Records]
9. Christopher Rau - Broke [Office]
10. Hunee - Tour de Force [WT Records]
11. Homework - Time & Time (Original Mix) [Wolf Music]
12. Fouk - Stuff your dad liked [Outplay]
13. Steve Bug & Mr. V - The Long Run (Steve Bug's Vocal Mix) [Dessous Recordings]
14. Jovonn – Get Up [Objektivity]
15. Terrence Parker - Your Love (TPs 2013 Unreleased Mix) [JD Records]

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Montag, 2. März 2015

Show 307 "Let's Go"

A new edition with a lot of brandnew music and a few classics. Most of the tracks are records that I bought last weekend in Berlin, where we celebrated the 5 Years DIS anniversary. I hope you enjoy the selection like I do.


1. Kerri Chandler - Climax 1 [Shelter Records]
2. Ray Dilla - Industrial Life [Strong Souls Music]
3. DJ Aakmael - aakboogie [Unxpozd08]
4. Soul of Hex - Lip Reading (Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers Jazzy Dub) [CVMR]
5. Johannes Albert - Disco Nova [Frank Music]
6. Marco Nega Feat. Leen Vivid - Inside Out [Batti Batti]
7. DJ Aakmael - Untitled 105 [Unxpozd07]
8. Lohouse "Lounge Inn" - A1 or B1 [Town House Music]
9. Le Rubrique - The Art Of Loving (Ugly Drums RMX) [Tieffrequent]
10. Johannes Albert - My Everyday Sunshine [Frank Music]
11. Dj Aakmeal - Trambon [Unxpozd06]
12. Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Hold Me (Deep 88 Salsa House Remix) [Henry Street]
13. Marco Nega - NIGHT HIKER (BOOST 'N TIME EDIT) [Inner Shift Music]
14. DaRand Land - Sorry you missed my phone call [FreeBeat]
15. Moomin - Fruits [Closer004]

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Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

Show 306 "Guestmix by Michael G. (Pretoria, SA) [Vinyl with Love]"

This week with dj and producer Michael G from Pretoria, South Africa. I hope you enjoy his "Mid Tempo Classic Collection".


Michael G was born and raised in the capital city of Pretoria, South Africa. He hit the Dance Music scene in the early nineties as a music fan and a young Dj playing in nightclubs all over South Africa. He has released successful compilations such as ”Flipside House Vol 1”, ”Exclusive 45’s” and ”My House is Your House.” This secured his place as a pioneer and a favourite amongst the followers in the local South African Dance Music scene.

In 2007 Michael G, alongside cousin Jullian Gomes, began the G.Family collective. Their unique brand of Deep House led them to release various Ep’s and remixes on several top South African and International dance record labels. 2011 saw the release of their debut album ”Break the Silence – Deep House Chronicles 6”, which was nominated for the 18th South African Music Awards (SAMAS) in the category “Best Dance Album”.

Michael G has persisted to represent his brand of the strictly vinyl culture, and continues to put his heart and soul into it. ”Vinyl With Love” is a movement which he has dedicated as a platform to showcase his sound and his influences as a Dj, spanning over 2 decades in the industry.


1. LNTG “ thats the way “ [Soul Cut Records] 1993
2. O’ Jays “ dont let me down “ [EMI records] 1991
3. Chaka Khan “ I’m every woman “ [Bootleg] 1978->2000 rework
4. Booker T “ make love to me “ [Bootleg] 1999
5. Strom Life “ so bad “  [Electrik Funk Records] 1999
6. Diana Ross “ upside down “ [Bootleg] 1980 -> 2000 rework
7. Colourful Karma “ for the music “ [BoomBastic] 1998
8. D’Influence “ rock with you “ [Universal Music] 1998
9. Groove Brothers “ soul food cafe “ [ON A Mission Records] 2014
10. Martin Beume “ wip catch ep “ [Private Gold Music] 2013
11. Soul Of Hex “ lip reading ep “ [Cobra Voyage Records] 2013
12. James Welsh “ the way ep “ [Join The Dots Music] 2011
13. Andre Lodemann “ unknown desire “ [Best Works Records] 2012
14. Rude Boy “ whodunnit “ [Tribute / Ginger Music] 1998

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More about Michael G. @